Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Have yall been keeping up with the new season of the office? I can't connect on a personal level with season 5 as say mid season 2. Maybe because of too many love stories or its my subconscious getting tired of me buffering on hulu.

I just want a tv. will that solve everything? Maybe young bjork can help us with this one.

Hey donkey...

Literally will NOT get enough of this!

some good t-bone.

T-bone Walkers stormy Moday as played by the amazing Eric Clapton. Soak it up.

For those kids...

Who think that Andy Warhol is the best thing to ever happen. Here's a meaningful video of artsy nothingness.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Is getting your picture taken for style blogs important to being meaningful? How can I be happy with who I am if I'm not on facehunter yet??

work update.

Some of my more recent work. feast.

planing my gallery.

I really want to do my upcoming senior art gallery on the short attention span of Americans. How we can get obsessed with events from a day to day basis. Will history repeat itself because we can't focus, agree, and solve any one issue? How much does this have to do with expected social constraints of how much we need to belong withing our own group?

Thoughts bitches?

new favorite.

best hippie song ever.


Have yall seen this ever? It's messed up and from the renaissance. Called garden of earthly delights mmmm

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Things that make me happy.

1. nummies
2. good design.
3. Chinese food.
4. friends
5. urban settings
6. playing
7. old bulit-ins
8. SNL reruns
9. Illustrator
10. men


creep on.

A good download.

Here's a really good and damn cacthy download I found.